Private lesson
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Private lessons or teacher vitits your company

Flexibility is the most important feature of a private lesson.

Our teachers will adjust to any special needs and requirements of busy prospective students.
Start date of the lesson:
Private lessons are possible to start at any time and at any level.
Lesson‘s period; number of lessons:
This will be set and decided after a cost free counseling lesson according to the needs and requirements of the student.
Lesson’s location:
This will be set and decided according to the needs and requirements of the student(university, student’s home, student’s office...).
Number of students:           
Private lessons, two-people lessons, small group lessons are possible (we will be glad to meet any other requirements student will have).
Teaching materials and skill level:
This will be decided and discussed with a student after an initial skill level check(it is possible to use teaching materials which we usually use, or it is also possible to use teaching materials required by the student).
Lesson example:
- Business Japanese (How to write email, Basic business conversation, Role play etc...)
- Simple phrases – in the restaurant, shopping
- Lessons focused on conversation
- Lessons focused on daily conversation
- Lets read lyrics of J-pop songs
- Lessons focused on Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Possible time of private lessons :
Monday - Friday
Saturday - Sunday (off days)
Private lessons are suitable especially for students who
- are not able to regularly attend fixed time lessons
- focus on what you want to learn or choose time schedule and number of lessons 
- feels uncomfortable to speak and actively take part in normal group lessons
- wants to study and improve at their own pace
- have special requirements (requirements related to work, professional growth, hobby, travel...)
- Prospective students who has unbalanced knowledge of Japanese language i.e. For person who knows many Japanese vocabulary but no or only few grammer etc.