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J-Pad Japanese language school is located in Slovakia’s beautiful capital Bratislava.

Through the learning program of our school, we would like to teach and share the Japanese tradition and culture with prospective students.

To understand Japanese language, culture, and tradition, it is important to know one Japanese phrase, “Omotenashi no kokoro”. Good translation of “Omotenashi no kokoro” is “a deep concern about others or being polite and respectful to others .”

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Let's study Japanese business manners in Europe from Japanese teachers

Do you like Japan? Do you like Japanese culture or Japanese animation? Let's study Japanese in Europe from Japanese teachers. Let's study Japanese in Slovakia from Japanese teachers. Let's study Japanese business manners.
Let's go to Japan. Let 's work in Japan. Let 's have fun in Japan. We will support your Japanese lessons and your Japanese Business Manner lessons.
Let's open the door to a new life. We are looking forward to meeting you in our lessons in Bratislava.

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